WordPress Development

Web development with WordPress

Your website is a showcase of your business on the Internet. If you need to optimize SEO (Organic Positioning in Search Engines) to minimize spending on online advertising, you will have to create a lot of content through blog, podcast, video, landing pages and the only way that that content is really versatile is to have of a website with content manager.

There are many content managers but without a doubt the best is WordPress. It has several virtues:
The first is that it is free and free software, although that does not mean you do not have to pay for domain, posting, web development and content creation. You just do not pay for the license.
Does not it convince you? The second is that it is software in continuous development, with a community of developers that make hundreds of templates for the designs of the web, thousands of plug-in and that are always alert of any form of spam or malware.

And finally, if this is not enough, it is very easy to use and very intuitive so any person, without computer knowledge or web design can update the contents of your website simply with some notions and with the appropriate criteria to do it.

We develop websites with WordPress for several years and we have always obtained optimal results. For a few months, I also do it with the Genesis framework that provides me with a perfect base for SEO optimization, the adaptation of the appearance of the web to the corporate image of my client and the possibility of continuously improving the usability of the web.