Web Design

Design your site in a personalized way with a custom design. Having a corporate website is important. But just as important or more is having it well designed, updated and with a good positioning job (SEO) so that it is easy to find through the search engines. New tools are constantly being born, users' habits change, trends emerge and your domain has to be up to date. We take care of everything to achieve a good page, be it a basic company website, an informative portal or a complete electronic commerce. The world of the internet is as varied as the needs of each project. Design the web for your new project or venture. Re-Design the web page of your company.


Services, we are a company specialized in Web Design, Graphic Design and Mobile Design. We are located in the city of Kolkata and have an experience of more than 7 years in the design and development of websites, virtual stores, intranets, extranets, CRM systems, portals, web applications, mobile applications, as well as the creation of graphic pieces, multimedia and other tools Web advertising. Since our beginnings, we have contributed with more than 400 national and international companies that are testimony of Efficiency, Responsibility and Satisfaction Guarantee.


Internet is a great business opportunity in which the market has no limits and with which your company has the possibility to expand and become known worldwide.

On the Internet you can offer your products and services, make transactions, interact with your customers and much more.


1. HOSTING: (Hosting a Website on a server)
2. DOMAIN: (Name of the Website on the Internet)

Before submitting your image on the Internet, we carry out a detailed study of your company (brief), we advise you to choose the best option to make your presence on the Internet, analyze your target market, and always keep in touch with you to provide guarantees necessary to your project.
To present your website, our staff of Web Expert designers develops the corresponding navigation diagrams, to then present you with a finished product of excellent quality.
Our team can develop from catalog-type pages, which show your products in a simple but effective way, to developments that manage databases, all according to your needs. We design your website using technology with responsive or mobile web design, we enter it in the search engines and we maintain it and manage it, all for an excellent price and with the best service.


Our company is characterized by developing flexible websites that provide the client independence from us as suppliers. For which our developments are oriented so that you as a client is the user that updates your website.

The CONTENT MANAGER developed easily project and intuitive to operate, all the updating of information is done through forms, this facilitates your task when updating any content of your website from anywhere in the world, the only thing that requires is to have an Internet connection, a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox and minimal computer skills, any authorized person can update the content of your website. 

The technologies used in the development of our projects are: HTML, CSS, XML, XHTML, PHP PROGRAMMING, B.D. MySQL, AJAX, B.D. SQL and JAVA SCRIPT among others. You only present your need, we take care of everything else.

We design interfaces for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. The interface design begins with the diagramming of the application: by means of diagrams each one of the steps and screens of the application is defined, optimizing each one of the processes so that the user experience is satisfactory, that is, that the user gets to do what you want to do in the fastest and easiest way

To achieve this goal we follow the standards of the operating system in which you will use, thus facilitating users interaction with the application. Taking advantage of the navigation and design patterns that the user knows, we simplify learning and therefore improve their experience.